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Both Raewyn and Jo espouse the "essence" of the Yoga philosophy in that they both seem to carry the philosophy beyond the classroom and into everyday life, a true measure of the power of Yoga.


Yoga is now very much part of my daily life and I really look forward to my yoga classes because; both the teachers are dedicated and motivational, I love to learn how to clear my mind and how to breathe correctly, it teaches me to relax, and as I age, it really helps with my flexibility.


Raewyn, I would be very pleased to write an ‘essay’ on how yoga and your teaching has become the stabilising force in my ageing life. Myself, as someone in their 70s, feel it is important to get across to students how careful you are in watching and accessing peoples abilities and what they can and shouldn't do. Older women get scared about tackling yoga for the first time


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