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Beecroft Yoga Christmas morning tea 2021

Beecroft Yoga Christmas morning tea 2021

We had a gerat time at the Beecroft Yoga’s Christmas morning tea!


Beecroft Yoga Urban Retreat

Beecroft Yoga’s Urban Yoga Retreat was very successful! here are some photos and words of praise from our happy clients. :

“……. We are very fortunate…….to have such positive, enthusiastic, caring and encouraging guidance from you both…….” “…….Thank you to both of you for such a special day today at the urban retreat! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spend more time doing yoga and benefiting from your combined wisdom.” I’m joining the micro-win celebration movement!

For more future retreats info [email protected] or call Raewyn on 0404 042 803


Dinner Date!

At Beecroft yoga we love to our yoga community so we went on dinner date on Wednesday 19th June 2019. Here are some photos of our amazing dinner date ????


Yoga for Anxiety and Restorative Yoga

taught by Raewyn received amazing response, thank you for joining us

Anxiety is a common health condition in Australia affecting about 1 in 4 people.
Symptoms can be inner turmoil and busy churning mind. Perhaps unpleasant physical feelings such as heart palpitations and short irregular breath. Perhaps you don’t get a good night’s sleep.

In this workshop you will learn techniques to switch off and help you manage these symptoms. You’ll discover ways to improve your day to day life. Join Raewyn at the Beecroft Bowling Club Friday 10th May 9.15 – 11.15 am Restorative Yoga and other ways that Yoga can help you with stress and anxiety. Yoga postures, known as asanas, help ease the physical discomfort that is caused by anxiety. … There are many ways in which exercise benefits panic disorder, including a reduction in pain and stress. Yoga not only helps in easing the physical body, but it can also help with anxious thoughts.


Ayurveda & Restorative Yoga

Taught by Sunita. we received amazing response, thank you for joining us

We will begin with: Ayurveda: half hour
Sanskrit word Ayurveda means the wisdom of how to live your life.
Ayur means life and veda means wisdom or knowledge.
With Ayurveda’s wisdom you can make choices to keep harmony with your inner wisdom & rhythms. Just like the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda teaches us to listen to the wisdom of your body.
In this part of our Friday Special you will learn:
Introduction to Ayurveda
Ayurveda’s approach to health & wellbeing
And Introduction to Ayurveda’s approach to food.
Restorative Yoga: 1 and half hour:
Restorative yoga is a yummy practice where you hold poses with the support of Yoga props for a longer period of time. Benefits of this practice are many, for example. relief from stress and anxiety and deep relaxation. This practice gives us a sense of calm, and it is also a very healing practice.


January Sankalpa workshop

Ignite your heart felt intention with
January Sankalpa Workshop :
Time to consider your intentions for this month, this year ahead?
Join us for the January Sankalpa workshop.Sankalpa is the intention of our being, and Shakti means the power to bring it into form.
Our conditioning makes us feel overwhelmed and we unknowingly block wisdom within.
With correct practices this inner wisdom can be activated. Yoga practices can help us reach our higher potential, unlocking the reservoir of energy within. Before engaging in any new tasks or new beginnings or any kind of transformational work, if we rekindle the Sankalpa Shakti it acts like fuel for the ride. Our subconscious mind starts focusing our energy towards the intention.
You can set intention for that session or for that day or for the month of January or for the year 2019 or even for your life. Starting the year like this helps to start on positive note. It is very powerful and energizing way of starting the year.Let’s welcome the New Year with 5 days
Sankalpa/Intention Setting yoga sessions
January 14th – 18th 7 – 8 am.‬
Taught by Sunita and Raewyn
Price is $125
This is a wonderful opportunity to set your path and intention for 2019.
Let’s welcome the New Year with 5 days
Sankalpa/Intention Setting yoga sessions
January 14th – 18th 7 – 8 am.
Taught by Sunita and Raewyn
Price is $125

This is a wonderful opportunity to set your path and intention for 2019.


Celebrations of our completion of Sankalpa workshop!

Retreat to Avrajita in Kangaroo Valley early September 2013

Gorgeous weather greeted 20 students at the 40 acre bush property called Avrajita. We had four yoga practices, time to relax and wander around the property, the opportunity to have a massage or just sit in the comfortable lounge and ‘be’.

Angie from Angie Gluten Free served wonderful meals and held a cooking demonstration. We came away with recipes and lots of ideas of how to cook interesting and delicious meals. Those Bliss Balls were to die for!

Have a look at the photos in the Gallery.

Retreat to Billabong Retreat Centre 24 – 26 August 2012

Some reviews from the retreat:


Fabulous weekend because of outstanding teaching. The Billabong Retreat is very peaceful with healthy and delicious food. Thanks Raewyn for a very relaxing and enlightening weekend.

Gabrielle, Sydney

The backdrop of birds twittering and frogs croaking makes Billabong the perfect setting for a challenging and restorative weekend with Raewyn. The practices were a perfect balance and I loved the "extras' - talks on pranayama and other aspects of yoga philosophy. It brought a new context to my yoga. Have to also mention that the food was to die for. Thanks Raewyn.
Liz, Sydney

Beautiful serene relaxing practice with Rae....Thank you. Rae's teaching is mindful and comes straight from the heart x
Kathy, Sydney

Lovely weekend at a nice easy pace allowing plenty of downtime but practice to give back to yourself. Food was a treat and Raewyn is just divine!

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